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Reinartz, Andrea (2013) Strategiekonzept im Umgang mit dem demographischen Wandel der Stadt Schwerte

Titel:    Strategiekonzept im Umgang mit dem demographischen Wandel der Stadt Schwerte    

Prüfer: Dr.-Ing. Andrea Rüdiger (SRP), Prof. Dr. Thorsten Wiechmann (ROP)


E-Mail: andrea.reinartz@tu-dortmund.de

Themenfeld:  Klein- und Mittelstädte (KuM)

Kurzbeschreibung: Concept for the dealing with the demographic change of Schwerte - Effect analysis and suggestion



Schwerte is a shrinking city in the ruhr district. The city has constructed a concept for the association with the demographic change. The concept consists of three main strategies:

1) Friendliness for children and families,

2) Self-determined living and housing in age and

3) Demographic sensitive infrastructure.

These strategies include many actions, which Schwerte wanted to implement.

The research question of this master thesis is: Which effect does this concept of Schwerte show since his decision in 2006?

The first step is to check the actions. If an action is done, the effect can be analyzed. The effect is shown with key questions and indicators. The indicators help to show effects, which are not directly visible. The effect analysis shows the starches and the weaknesses of the concept. In the suggestion are given advices, which use the potential of the starches and which compensate the weaknesses of the concept. So the suggestion can help to optimize the concept of Schwerte.


Poster: Andrea Reinartz