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Modul 03 - Physical Planning (SPRING)

Typ: Master SPRING

Veranstaltungsart:  Vorlesung

Modul 03 - Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development in Germany (093032)

Ort (Location): Geschoßbau I,  Raum 410  

Zeit (Schedule): Donnerstag, 14:15 bis 15:45 Uhr, 14täg.

Start : 10.04.2012

Lehrpersonen (Docents):  Baumgart, Sabine; Christa Reicher; Christoph Woiwode

Inhalt (Content):
An important objective of this seminar is to introduce students in the German planning system. SPRING students should be acquainted with the problematic and advantages of the decentralised system in Germany and are motivated for further comparative studies.

Professor Baumgart and Professor Reicher will give an introduction in the German planning system at an early time of study year in order to provide SPRING students with the necessary basics in this recurrent topic.Subject of the course is to outline the basic structures of the German planning and administrative system.The information is provided by both lectures and visits to selected authorities and institutions working in the field of planning and of implementation of plans.

The lectures introduce into the basic constitutional principles governing the federal system in Germany and protecting local government's independence from legally unrestricted state directives, further into the general planning and land use system including organisational aspects.

A main issue is the urban planning jurisdictions exercised by the municipalities and their relation to the comprehensive state regional planning framework with co-ordinating functions, planning and implementation of infrastructure projects and of environmental protection schemes, run in the general public interest.

On the urban (local) level implementation of land use planning in housing, urban renewal and various other development schemes is of major interest. This will be highlighted by visits to appropriate projects, requiring coo-operation of public and private actors. There is general problem to find in particular public authorities willing and able to inform on their tasks and organisation in English.

Planning and administrational issues in the new federal states on the territory of the former German Democratic Republic will be covered as well.

Part of this lecture will be an excursion to Berlin in March.

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sabine Baumgart, seit 03/2018 in Ruhestand