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Typ: Wahlveranstaltung

Veranstaltungsart:  Wahlveranstaltung

Diplomanden- und Doktorandenseminar (095001)


Zeit: n.V.

Start : 

Lehrpersonen:  Baumgart, Sabine


After the successful and highly interactive Seminar for doctoral Students of Fakultät Raumplanung held in Haus Busch from October 8th to October 9th we have prepared a follow-up programme for this winter semester. We shall meet for a series of morning sessions on a fortnightly basis. Most sessions will start with an input by one or more teaching staff of our Faculty, which will then be followed by a colloquium presentation by one of the Ph.D. students and a questions and answers session.

We have prepared the programme on the basis of the requests voiced in the feed-back session at the end of the Haus Busch seminar.

Once again, all Ph.D. students of our Faculty, especially those, who write their thesis in English language, are invited to attend. All professors and lecturers of our Faculty are invited to join the discussions as well.




Prof. Dr.-Ing. Sabine Baumgart, seit 03/2018 in Ruhestand