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Welcome to the department of Urban and Regional Planning (SRP)

Friedrich Dürrenmatt: The more people act according to plan, the more coincidence will have an impact.


The department of Urban and Regional Planning (SRP) represents an integrating and interdisciplinary approach within the Faculty of Spatial Planning. The increasing social, economical and ecological complexity of cities and regions requires spatial planning to integrate sectoral themes as well as different levels of planning from urban quarters to regions. Dynamic conditions need to be considered such as demographic, socio-economic and technical changes. The concept of SRP is based on observing, analysing and shaping such conditions in a sustainable manner.
The primary focus of teaching and research are introducing and enhancing methods, procedures and instruments of town and regional planning. The combination of statutory instruments (such as preparatory and binding land use plans) and non-statutory instruments (such as spatial frameworks, structure plans, regional and local development concepts) at local and regional level is of special interest.
As current research topics have emerged: small and medium-sized towns, integrated settlement and infrastructure development, urban renewal and land management, climate adaptation, climate protection and renewable energies, as well as stock oriented property development. Research projects target urbanized regions in Europe, Africa and Asia.


TU Dortmund University
Faculty of Spatial Planning / Fakultät Raumplanung
Department of Urban and Regional Planning (SRP)
Professor Dr.-Ing. Sabine Baumgart
August-Schmidt-Str. 10
44227 Dortmund

Phone: +49-0231-755-2258
Fax: +49-0231-755-2539
E-Mail: sabine.benedix@tu-dortmund.de   





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Sabine Baumgart
since 03/2018 former head of department
Sabine Benedix
Tel.: 0231 755-2258