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Fields of research

Research at the Department of Urban und Regional Planning (SRP) is characterized by its interdisciplinary and integrating approach. Scientists originating from various disciplines such as architecture, city and spatial planning, geography, landscape planning and public administration incorporate their wide experiences in applied research, planning and administrative practice and departments work.

Currently, research at the SRP focuses on:

  • urban property development in existing quarters
  • integrated settlement and infrastructure development
  • climate change adaptation, climate protection and renewable energies
  • small and medium-sized towns
  • spatially significant processes of development in mega urban regions
  • healthy urban and regional development

Regarding these fields of research, the SRP especially considers

  • characteristics and outcomes of informality
  • roles and interests of actors and their interface with legal frameworks and administrative structures.

The findings are expected to inform the conceptualization of informality for planning processes and instruments. This includes considering these characteristics for methods, procedures and instruments of spatial planning.

The SRP aims to disseminate the results of applied and basic research to practitioners and to transfer knowledge to society at large.