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Urban development adapting to climate change – facing causes and consequences of climate change through urban concepts, 2009/2010 (BBR-ExWoSt-research program)


This pilot study on urban concepts to counter consequences caused by climate change, this pilot study prepared the ExWoSt-case-studies urban concepts on climate change. They are being realised from end of 2009 to spring 2012 and focus on a) municipal strategies and potentials and b) real estate and housing industries’ strategies. Due to its long life-cycle adaptation of infrastructure to climate change is becoming a more and more important task, although the impacts of climate change on urban regions will supposably only become effective in a few decades.

Basing on completed and ongoing research projects – covering urban development -, the results of research projects by the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development (BMVBS) and the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) as well as selected research projects by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research’s support program klimazwei are comprised in the study. Additionally records of transnational INTERREG projects as well as international and federal-state-focussed experiences are considered. The contribution  the urban development can and must make to adapt to climate change, has been assessed scientifically and discussed in two workshops attended by scientists and practitioners. Another important project and outcome of the study is the online platform Stadtklimalotse (urban climate pilot), a tool simplifying municipal decisions on how to deal with climate change (www.stadtklimalotse.de).

Contact: Dr.-Ing. Andrea Rüdiger