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Concept for „Reuse of waste land at suburban and dispersed locations"

Duration: 11/2003 - 12/2003

Client: The Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development BBRS at Bonn

Researchers: Professor Dr.-Ing. Sabine Baumgart, Dr. Johannes Flacke, Dr. Petra Lütke


The terms of reference were to design a layout and calculate costs of a research project on the reuse of brownfield and vacant land in suburban and dispersed locations in Eastern Germany. A classification of space, a classification of the areas according to land use, concepts for valorising of the land, case studies on specific issues as well as differenciated strategic recommendations are considered. The chosen approach that informs project implementation and calculation, emphasises a practical and case-study-oriented development and testing of solutions. Selected case studies of typical problems have been researched and documented. Approaches to solutions have been tested and recommendations on methodology have been made.

Contact: Professor Dr.-Ing. Sabine Baumgart