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Designing future city centers

Duration: 5/2003 - 10/2003

Client: Vivico Real Estate GmbH, Frankfurt

Researchers: Professor Dr.-Ing. Sabine Baumgart, Dr. Johannes Flacke

Co-operation partner: Junker und Kruse Stadtforschung Stadtplanung, Dortmund (primary contractor) COMFORT Center Consulting GmbH, Düsseldorf


In order to promote a quality-focused and forward-looking development of its real-estate portfolio, Vivico launched the initiative Qualifizierung Zukunft Zentrum (designing future city centers). The initiative addresses citizens, politicians as well as architects, scientists, artist and planners and all others involved in designing the future and modern city. Driven by the vacancy and shut-down of vast areas, Vivico is given the responsibility and opportunity to reshape the city. The initiative Qualifizierung Zukunft Zentrum seeks to contribute to this obligation. In order to substantiate previous ideas, appropriate and feasible quality standards are phrased. These standards permit the composition of specific and trend-setting solutions for managing the land development. In the same way, they represent criteria for Vivicos operational business. Based on Vivicos intended development of new centers as main components of cities demands on urbanity, density and mixed-use characterise the focus of actions. Process-related exigencies supplement these demands. Principally, economic viability and long-term rationality back up all considerations.

Contact: Professor Dr.-Ing. Sabine Baumgart